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Keenan Miller

Keenan Miller

Financial Advisor

Keenan Miller has been a financial advisor with Equitable Advisors since 2013. He has structured his practice around a firm commitment to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in his relationships with those he serves, including clients, team members, business partners and more. Keenan enjoys taking time with clients to truly understand the heart of the matter and crafting financial plans that take every aspect of their financial life into account.

Keenan is acutely aware that, no matter the make-up of a family, a family is a team. A devoted husband and father of eight energetic children, he truly understands the importance of balance, structure and healthy relationships in life. Trust and respect are fundamental parts of any long-term relationship. Success as a team depends on regular communication that is open to allow for all opinions to be shared without fear of judgement; listening with intent to connect & support is vital. Working together, maximizing individual strengths with a common goal, results in the best outcome for any team.

When building a financial services team with clients, Keenan leads them through articulating their vision of success, defining the purpose of their wealth and setting a framework for accomplishing meaningful goals. By encouraging clients to connect with their personal financial history and values, he helps them hone in on an approach for the future that feels authentic and meaningful to them. He enjoys building comprehensive strategies, educating clients on the nuances of their plan and helping them understand the options so that they’re completely comfortable with them. He is adept at connecting clients with his partners or other specialty practitioners and quarterbacking the entire process so that the plan is thorough, comprehensive, and clear.

There is no more important teamwork than that of the family – especially when, like he and his wife, being outnumbered eight to two! Working through each phase as they come, is the life-changing work of a team that moves forward. With children between the ages of 2 and 21, there are many opportunities in Keenan’s daily life to put that theory to the test! Keenan is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys hunting and fishing, which helps to feed that large family team.